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Zipfast Home Page SCIENCE LION VIDEO Learn science DVD for Middle and High School.

These are shareware programs. Click on one to download.

Get ZUTIL to see the source code in Assembly Language. ZUTIL is $5. Type the program name to get instrucitons.

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Zipfast sells computer software in Assembley Language and science stuff. All programs include source code in Assembly Language. Products include:

These are free programs to have fun with.

Here is a free book.

The Five Horseman is a science fiction book set in 2050. Philosophy, science and religion mix in this riviting tale.

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Custom Assembly Language Programming Services

I will write Assembly Language programs to your specifications. Send specifications by e-mail. Simple programs take a few days. More complex programs take longer. DOS only for now, no Windows interfaces. File conversions are usually quick. It depends on how clean your data is. Will write subroutines in Assembly Language for speed. Reasonable rates.

Ordering Information

Box 12238
Lexington Ky 40581-2238

To order the products listed above, please send a check for the amount of your order and a list of what you wish to the above address. People outside the United States usually send an international postal money order. Sometimes they send a check from a New York bank which does international business. You may inquire at your bank how to send a check to the United States.